Welcome to the web-site of the Clan Irwin Surname DNA Study. This Study was launched in 2005, with the assistance of Kent Irvin, and the website was re-vamped in 2011 with the assistance of Rick Byers.  Both the Study and the website remain under the aegis of the Clan Irwin Association (CIA), although CIA is not accountable for the content of this website. 

Highlights of this current Update No.15:
  • a more lucid introduction to LATEST RESULTS TABLE;
  • 323 participants are included and 28 unrelated genetic families using the surname Irwin or variant spellings thereof have now been identified;
  • the latest is our first African-american Irwin, whose ancestor probably took his name from his slave-master;
  • the first US-resident member of our Aberdeenshire genetic family has been identified as a 9th cousin of the present Laird of Drum; his ancestor migrated from Aberdeenshire to Georgia in the mid 18th century;
  • a Postscript to Supplementary Paper No.3 summarises an independent study which has confirmed that the 24 participants in our Borders genetic family who have tested to 111 markers, including who are 11 NPEs, all share a common ancestor, and that this ancestor probably lived about AD1400;
  • Supplementary Paper No. 5 now includes:
    - a major revision of the Clan Irwin phylogenetic tree attached to that Paper showing how each of our genetic families, and hence most of our participants, can trace their ancestry back to the genetic "Adam"; and
    - a preliminary appraisal of the new Geno2 test which has produced over 350 positive SNPs for the first participant on this Study to embark on this powerful but most complex new tool, though alas these seem to add little to what we already know of his paternal ancestry! 
    - very preliminary appraisals of the new BigY and Full Genome tests.


James M Irvine,  Surrey, UK;
Study Administrator, 10 Nov 2013;
Kit no. 29479;  ISOGG Member.